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Cleaning Chemical Supply in Kulai

Jan 2, 2015
Cleaning Chemical Supply in Kulai
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Kulai Pls Call : +6019-776 6246

Dishwasher Rental & Supply in Johor Bahru

Dec 13, 2014
Dishwasher Rental & Supply in Johor Bahru
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In HB Hygiene & Refinishing System, our mission is to satisfy customer cleaning and hygiene needs by providing superior products, systems and services at affordable cost, whilst being committed to protecting the environment. The heart of HB Hygiene & Refinishing System success lies in our firm belief that by striving to provide high quality products, equipment and service our customers will be 100% satisfied with us and they will continue to be long term customers of our company.
Our company's services includes:
- Chip Repair Services
- Clean Seal Restoration
- Bathtub Tiles Refinishing
- Water Proofing Repair
- Granite Marble Restoration
- Floor Anti-Slip Treatment
- Stone/Concrete Sealer
- Cleaning Chemicals
- Cleaning Machinery & Equipment
- Washroom Hygiene
- Waste Bins
- Floor Matting
- Repair & Servicing Machinery
- Selling And Renting Dishwasher

Our vision is to be a provide quality and consistent service to our customers. We have offered an honest and trusted service to our customers. Our values of customer service and the widest choice of products at the best possible prices remain paramount and upper most in our mind at all times, ensuring that we are the perfect choice for all your needs associated with support services.


HB Hygiene & Refinishing System里,我们的任务是以合理的价格、优质的产品、设备与服务来提供并满足顾客的清洁和卫生需求,以达到维持并保护环境的整洁。我们致力于为顾客提供高品质的产品、设备及服务,让顾客达到100%的满意度,这也是顾客长期跟我们合作的原因。

- 缺口修复
- 清洁和油蜡修复
- 浴缸瓷砖修补
- 敷设防水
- 花岗岩大理石修复
- 地面防滑
- 石材/混凝土封蜡
- 清洁化学品
- 清洁机械及设备
- 卫生间清洁
- 垃圾桶
- 地垫
- 机械维修及服务
- 销售和出租洗碗机


New product -IMEC PB35, PB50

May 29, 2014
New product -IMEC PB35, PB50
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Taking this opportunity to introduce to you our new premium hygiene single mopping bucket IMEC PB35 and PB50. Both model comes with Dirty Water Bucket to separate dirty water from clean water for a very hygienic mopping result. As compare to other mopping buckets, these models produce cleaner and less slippery floors to prevent any falls/mishaps. It also comes with non-marking quiet castor wheels and no spill pouring spout to help throwing dirty water.
With these system, it can help you to save cost on both detergents and water because dirty water is wring out into the red Dirty Water Bucket to keep the solutions (detergent + water) in yellow bucket clean. Operators can choose to throw the dirty water only and keep the clean solutions water for next mopping in the same day.

New product IMEC 581 Fly Away ( 5lit x 4bottle /ctn)

Apr 10, 2014
New product IMEC 581 Fly Away  ( 5lit x 4bottle /ctn)
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  •  3 in 1 Insect Repellent, Sanitiser & Disinfectant Cleaner.
  •  Recommended and safe for use in F&B but not on food contact surface.
  •  Effective in repelling insects, clean and sanitize in one application.
  •  Spray neat on table or other surfaces and wipe clean with cloth.

New Product - IMEC 585S Hand Sanitiser ,packing (800ml x 6bottle/ctn)

Apr 3, 2014
New Product - IMEC 585S Hand Sanitiser   ,packing (800ml x 6bottle/ctn)
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IMEC 585S- HAND SANITIZER is a hand sanitizer for all age. It is an alcohol contain chemicals which can be dangerous if swallowed.

Hand sanitizers are beneficial for killing germs on hands and like all potentially poisonous items, they should be stored out of the reach of children and should be used according to the label.

Adults should monitor use of hand sanitizer by children to ensure that the proper amount is used and that hands wet with sanitizer are not put in the mouth.

Also, avoid buying large containers of sanitizer. If a child only has access to a small bottle, they are less likely to ingest enough to result in harm.

If hand sanitizer is swallowed or splashed in eyes, contact the nearest emergency for advice.



◦Apply a dime-sized amount to dry hands

◦Rub hands together until completely dry

◦Always monitor use by children

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